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for your Site.

Our WordPress Experts will setup WordPress Backup Services for your Website that runs automatically.

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Backup/Restore Service.

Loved by Small Business Owners, Startups, and bloggers
who wants a professional hand on their back.

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Benefits of a WordPress
Backup Service

Emergency Site Restorals

In the event your site crashes and needs to restore from a backup, our team has you covered. Emergencies happen, day and night, so our team is there with our Emergency Support services included in all plans.

30-Day Backup History

Maintain a reliable history of backups with multiple restoral points, without taking up hosting or server resources.

Remote Storage

Save your backups on remote storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon S3 Servers.

1-click Restorals

When a restoral is required, we have the ability to restore your website entirely with just 1-click to get your site up and running as quickly as possible.

eCommerce Data Backups

With dynamic sites, like ecommerce, that have changing data every day, you need multiple daily backups to stay up to date. That’s why we offer 4 per day on Perform plans and above.

Premium Plugin included

Get a Premium WordPress Backup plugin for free when you purchase our Backup Service.

Fully automated

We never leave backups to chance. We schedule backups during optimal, low-traffic times to ensure they’re 100% successful.

Include what you want

Have only certain files you want to backup but others you don’t want to? Choose exactly which files we send to the cloud and which we don’t touch.

Start your
Automatic Backup
Automatic WordPress Backup includes:
One low price. Backup forever, including automatic backups.
Restore your
WordPress Website
Complete Site Restore from Backup
One low price. Backup forever, including automatic backups.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about GloriousMotive Products? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

WordPress Services doesn’t have refund policy after the work has been completed. Since its a service, refunding after the service is done is not an option.


We have a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee for Themes & plugins.

For more details on refund, check our refund policy.

Your website is comprised of files and software that you’ve uploaded to your server as well as a database full of content and data. A backup is a copy of all this “stuff” that makes up a WordPress website. That copy is then stored somewhere for safe keeping.

What if your WordPress website goes offline, gets hijacked, or data gets corrupted or goes missing? You can’t afford to start from scratch.

This is why you need WordPress backups. Backups are a lifesaver for your website. And they come in handy for a number of reasons:

We install a premium plugin in your WordPress theme and do all the settings and check if the setup process is done correctly.

After that, we create a backup and upload it to your Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon S3.

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